02/15/2012 08:44 pm ET

Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren Has Assumed 'Mantle Of Oppressor' With Health Care Stance

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is accusing Elizabeth Warren of assuming "the mantle of oppressor" with her position on health care.

Warren is challenging Brown for his Massachusetts Senate seat. In an email to supporters, Brown wrote:

One of our most fundamental rights as a people is the freedom of religion. It was right here in Plymouth, Massachusetts that pilgrims from Europe established a colony because of religious persecution at home.

Now, it is Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren who has assumed the mantle of oppressor. She and her allies on the left are dictating to Catholics and other people of faith that they must do as they are told when it comes to health care or face the consequences, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

Brown is a co-sponsor of an amendment to the Affordable Care Act by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) that would allow employers to exclude any health service coverage they claim would violate their religious or moral convictions. Warren has denounced the bill, which she said would deny basic health care to families.

Blunt's amendment comes on the heels of President Barack Obama's decision that religious institutions must cover the cost of contraception as part of any health care plan they offer their employees (though a compromise would offer them a way to opt-out, in which case the insurance company would cover the cost of birth control).

"This new bill that Scott Brown is supporting is not about religious institutions -- it's about something very different. It would allow any employer or insurance company to refuse to cover any person for any treatment," Warren wrote in an email responding to Brown's claim. "Not only is it an attack on women's ability to get the vital health care we need, it is an attack on every one of us."

Polling shows Brown and Warren tied in the race for Senate.