02/15/2012 04:25 pm ET

Stephen Colbert Takes On The Right's Contraception Crusade (VIDEO)

President Obama's mandate to have all employers -- including religious institutions -- cover contraceptives in their insurance plans is not sitting well with conservative Christians, making it the perfect hot-button issue for Stephen Colbert's satire/analysis (Satirlysis?)

On Tuesday night's "Report," Colbert poked holes in the right's argument against the mandate with a look at what the Good Book says about procreation and whether or not birth control is really prohibited by Catholicism when 98% of Catholic women use it.

"When you use contraception, you are not only sinning, you're c*ck-blocking the almighty!" Colbert joked.

As you can imagine, this segment is full of ridiculous innuendos, from Colbert saying that Republicans aren't taking this lying down "or even doggie style" to him citing Rick Santorum's opinion that the mandate puts our rights on a slippery "or lubricated" slope.

But words simply weren't enough for Colbert last night. Watch the full segment above to see him take his innuendo a step further by whipping out a banana, a condom and mini-guillotine. We think you know where this is going.