02/16/2012 09:14 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2012

How To Look Like Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)

Hey guy:

Did you have trouble finding a Valentine's Day date, because all the ladies you know were at home, watching Ryan Gosling On Demand? It's a total bummer, but you have to give credit where credit's due: the guy did earn two Golden Globe nominations, melt minds with his abs, break up a street fight and start a million internet memes (including our own!) last year. Can you blame the girls?

Still, there's no reason to give up! While you may not have any of those skills or opportunities at your disposal (to be fair, no one has those abs), now you can learn how to at least look (a little bit) like the "Drive" star. Internet hero Joey Thompson, who has been told he looks like Gosling since 2004's "The Notebook" hit theaters, has taken to the web to give his expert tips on how to emulate the former "Mickey Mouse Club" charmer.

Take notes, above, and then check out all the looks you can then emulate:

Ryan Gosling