02/16/2012 04:32 pm ET Updated Feb 16, 2012

Mark Schroeder, Janette DeGrace Found Alive Three Days After Getting Stuck In Snow

This chilling story has a happy ending.

Mark Schroeder and girlfriend Janette DeGrace were going home from a remote mountain bar called Uncle Tom's Cabin in California's Placer County when their car got stuck in the snow, The Sacramento Bee reports.

For three days, the couple kept alive by rationing their snacks, turning on the car's engine intermittently and sitting in one seat to keep as warm as possible.

Finally, Schroeder braved the harsh California mountain weather and walked six miles in sometimes knee-deep snow to find cell phone service and call 911, reports. He was finally found near Hell Hole Reservoir in the Sierra mountains west of Lake Tahoe, according to CBS Local.

The pair were stranded in Schroeder's porsche 60 miles from where friends and family thought they were.

DeGrace joked that there had been at least one positive outcome from the incident: "It had to be a life and death situation to get him to tell me he loves me," she told The Sacramento Bee.

The couple was taken to a hospital, with frostbite the most extensive of their injuries.