02/16/2012 03:35 am ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

Sexual Innuendos With Morena Baccarin On 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' (VIDEO)

Morena Baccarin is a very beautiful woman, so of course Craig Ferguson was going to find sexual innuendos in as many of her words as he could during their chat on "The Late Late Show" (Weeknights, 12:37 a.m. EST on CBS). When he asked her about Valentine's Day, in quick succession she admitted that she "dropped the ball" and that when she woke up that morning "there was this nice little box next to the bed."

It was all she could do to get through her story. This was her first Valentine's Day as a married woman, and she felt bad when her husband gave her a beautiful necklace that morning. "Oh, we're doing gifts?" was her horrified thought.

It came back full circle at the end of the interview when she chose from Ferguson's traditional options the mouth organ. First of all, that phrase in itself sounds like a sexual innuendo, which is probably one of the main reasons Ferguson chooses to use it over more traditionally recognized terms. Nevertheless, by this point Baccarin just embraced the inherent innuendo and dove fully into it.

"I get to open a box and take out a mouth organ? Really?" she asked. And then for the grand finale, "How do I blow?"

But Ferguson is savvy and quick in this area. "Imagine it's Valentine's Day, you woke up and forgot to get a present, all right?" he retorted quickly.

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