02/17/2012 05:46 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2012

Greg Kinnear Talks About Playing 'The Mouth Kisser' On 'Modern Family' (VIDEO)

In Greg Kinnear's guest appearance on last week's "Me? Jealous?" episode of "Modern Family," his character Tad greeted everyone with a kiss on the lips. On Friday, after giving Rachael Ray a more appropriate hug and peck on the cheek, she dubbed his character "The Mouth Kisser," putting him in the ranks of similarly nicknamed "Seinfeld" characters like "Man Hands" and "The Close Talker." Kinnear grinned and owned the moniker. "That's me," he admitted.

In the episode, Kinnear's character commissioned Phil to sell his home, and mentioned that he'd need to sell another one soon. When Ray asked Kinnear if he'd be reprising the role in the future, he didn't confirm that he would, but gushed about how much he enjoyed working on the show. "They're done by like noon ... and they're all having a blast," he said. "They're a very close group of people and the writing is fantastic ... It's just a vortex of happiness there."

Perhaps, if "The Mouth Kisser" returns to "Modern Family" again, Phil can finally get that hug he's been trying so desperately for.

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