02/17/2012 11:16 pm ET

Jeremy Lin Milkshake: Shake Shack Introduces 'Jeremy Lin-Mint'

Ask someone about the sweetest part of Jeremy Lin's out-of-nowhere rise to stardom with the New York Knicks and you might hear about that time he crossed up John Wall en route to rim, the game-winning three he dropped in Toronto or just about any part of his 38-point explosion against the Los Angeles Lakers.

All of those would be fine answers. But they would all be wrong.

The sweetest part of Linsanity, at least literally, can be found at Shake Shack in the form of the "Jeremy Lin-Mint" milkshake.

Easily the most delicious of the many, many puns on Lin's surname, the "Jeremy Lin-Mint" is a special shake on sale in New York City at micro-chain of hamburger joints. According to the sign advertising the shake at the Madison Square Park location, "This chocolate mint cookie milkshake is Lin it to win it. Slam Dunk!"