02/18/2012 10:18 am ET

Journey Into Rob Matthews' Mythical Back Yard (PHOTOS)

Somewhere between the banal and a bacchanal, Rob Matthews finds his inspiration. His drawings depict haunting symbols mingling with the neighborhood, creation visions so unexpected the viewer cannot tell if they are sweet or terrifying.

A white sheet hangs out to dry on a branch in the woods... or is it floating? Men in plaid wear paper bags over their heads, leaving viewers with a surprisingly disturbing aftertaste. The light graphite aesthetic gives the works themselves a ghostly radiance. Matthews' "Eyes Wide Shut" moments challenge the viewer to determine the real from the illusory. Whether he is tapping into the proximity of the occult or the strangeness of the everyday, his drawings bring the perfect combination of dreams and nightmares.

Rob Matthews' exhibition "The Vanishing Middle Ground" will show at Daniel Cooney Fine Art from March 1 - April 21.

rob matthews