02/17/2012 05:44 pm ET

Mystery Candidate 'Outliers'

Charles Franklin stands up for robo polls.

Jon Cohen announces the Post will cover horse-races results (only) from automated polls.

Lymarie Morales sums up dramatic swings on Gallup polls, and the lack thereof.

Frank Newport and Susan Page discuss Santorum's surge and the contraception controversy.

Connie Cass and Jennifer Agiesta find Rick Santorum out of step with public opinion.

Alan Abramowitz finds no groundswell for a third party candidate.

Josh Putnam attempts to project how the Colorado and Minnesota will allocate their delegates.

Tom Jensen assesses PPP's polling in Colorado, Minnesota & Missouri.

Yahoo economists predict Obama's reelection is in the bag.

Mark Mellman says Obama is succeeding in making the election more a choice than a referendum.

David Hill defends his 'Obama is Toast' prognostication.

Nate Silver assesses Obama's general election chances.

Harry Enten doubts low primary turnout will hurt the GOP in November.

Jonathan Chait questions whether Mitt Romney is the GOP's strongest candidate.

Sean Trende charts the path to a brokered Republican convention.

Tim Hibbitts takes down the myth: Perot did not cost George H.W. Bush the '92 Election.

National Journal finds that their Political Insiders from both parties thin the contraception debate is a political winner.

Sasha Issenberg explains the Obama campaigns big data project Narwhal..

The Economist reports on the Obama' campaign's use of data science.

Steve Lohr says big data is opportunity knocking.

An Onion poll finds a new "Mystery Candidate" has surged to the top of the GOP field.