02/18/2012 12:07 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Penn State THON: Penn State Students Come Together For Charity

Dancing to beat cancer?

Penn State kicked off THON yesterday, a 46 hour marathon of non-stop dancing with no sleeping or sitting allowed. Why? To raise money to beat childhood cancer.

"Words don`t even describe what`s in this room right now," Shana Maschak, a student at Penn State told WNEP. "Come Sunday, when it`s at capacity, that`s the best moment of our lives, you know, we`re doing this for the kids."

Every year since 1973, Penn State hosts a two-day Dance-thon to raise money to fully support pediatric cancer paitients. Last year, the fund raised an impressive $9.8 million dollars, making it the largest student-run philanthropy.

Penn State has had a tough year marked by a horrific child abuse scandal and the death of former football coach Joe Paterno.

Paterno was a great supporter of the philanthropic event, speaking there in 2009.

"He's in all of our hearts," Jennifer Evans, a student, told the Philadelphia Inquirer of the late football coach. "But we still 'THON' on.

For more information on Thon, go to the school's website or follow the hashtag #THON on twitter.