02/19/2012 04:51 pm ET

'Bronx Beat' On 'SNL': Maya Rudolph & Amy Poehler Talk 'Hoarders', J-Lo & Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

Betty and Jodi are back!

As soon as we heard that Maya Rudolph was coming back to host "Saturday Night Live," we knew that we'd be seeing a "Bronx Beat" reunion. After a 14-month hiatus, Amy Poehler joined fellow "SNL" alum Rudolph on their old set to gab about the show "Hoarders," what's been going on with J-Lo and how their Valentine's Days went.

Betty's suggestions for new names for "Hoarders ("Oops We Found A Cat Skeleton") and their hilariously jaded chatter ("Live your life! Do what you want! It's 2012, we're all gonna die anyway") were awesome. However, it was their interview with their camera and boom mic operators (Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg) that stole the show.

Why don't they just make Justin Timberlake a cast member already amiright?

Watch the sketch above.