02/19/2012 02:29 pm ET

'Colbert Report' Resumes Production: Next Show Airing Monday Feb. 20

After abruptly stopping production to tend to a family illness, Stephen Colbert will resume production on "The Colbert Report," The NYT's Brian Stelter reports.

The show's website, Colbert Nation, states that the next episode will air Monday, Feb. 20 with guest Ann Patchett. Last Wednesday and Thursday night's tapings were canceled due to "unforeseen circumstances." Sources close to the show later confirmed that he was taking care of his mother, who is 91 years old and severely ill.

While it has not been confirmed by Colbert himself, the comedian responded to the ensuing outcry of support from his fans on Twitter Friday, thanking them for their prayers and saying that he and his family "are grateful and touched by your concern."

According to a source who has a business relationship with the Comedy Central, the network has remained tight-lipped over the situation because the Colberts are "a very private family.”

While "The Daily Show" has previously cancelled shows at the last minute -- once for the birth of Jon Stewart's second child and once after the death of a staffer -- this is the first time "The Colbert Report" has done so.