02/19/2012 11:10 am ET Updated Feb 20, 2012

Facebook Phone Loses Out To Amazon Phone, Customer Survey Says

Sorry, Facebook. Amazon wins this one.

According to a recent survey conducted by Baird Equity Research, U.S. consumers would rather see Amazon release a smartphone than Facebook, reported AllThingsD.

While 42 percent of the 875 people polled were "interested" or "very interested" in the idea of an Amazon smartphone, a mere 12 percent were "interested" or "very interested" in a Facebook smartphone.

Ouch. Perhaps Facebook should rethink unleashing "Buffy," the codename for its supposedly soon-to-launch HTC-made smartphone, leaked by AllThingsD back in November.

For Amazon, on the other hand, well, this might be the perfect time to take advantage. According to paidContent, it's likely the online retail giant already has a smartphone in the works.

Though, to be fair, the rest of Baird's numbers show that while Amazon may win over Facebook, but it might be the case that neither company would find a firm toehold in the already crowded smartphone market. Indeed, 59 percent of those surveyed said they were "unsure," "probably not interested" or "not interested" in an Amazon smartphone, while 88 percent said they were "unsure," probably not interested" or not interested" in a Facebook smartphone.

Maybe they're just too busy with their Apple iPhone 4Ss and Samsung Galaxy S IIs to care.

But when we examine Amazon's recent foray in the tablet market, the retailer does appear to have an edge. Announced last autumn to much fanfare, the 7-inch, $200 Kindle Fire tablet enjoyed strong holiday sales, the company claims (though exact figures have yet to be announced).

Facebook, on the other hand may face a higher hurdle. Soon after AllThingsD wrote about Facebook's "Buffy" project, Mashable founder Pete Cashmore penned a column for CNN titled "Why is Facebook making a phone that nobody wants?" Cashmore cited an informal poll, whose results are similar to Baird's: "[A]n informal poll found that 80% of respondents did not want a Facebook phone. Only 7.8% said they'd consider it." Cashmore concluded that a Facebook phone could be a risky move for the company, since user interest appeared to be quite low, with privacy concerns top among users' reservations about the project.

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