02/20/2012 02:33 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

'Family Guy': Ricky Gervais Is An Annoying Dolphin Befriended By Peter (VIDEO)

This week's episode of "Family Guy" (Sun., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) was for fans who find Ricky Gervais annoying. Rather than go for the kind of sharp humor that's made him a favorite -- though not by all -- of the Golden Globes in recent years, Gervais instead sticks with aquatic puns, laughing more at his own fishy jokes than anyone else save Peter.

At first, Peter thinks he's an absolute delight, and is pleased when the dolphin shows up at his doorstep and asks if he can move in. The two met in the ocean when Peter went there to try and fish up a Mercedes-Benz among many that had accidentally been sunk there. As the episode progressed, though, Peter grew more and more disenchanted with his new boarder. When he discovered that what the dolphin really wants is to be reunited with his love, Peter came up with an elaborate and ultimately unnecessary plan to reunite the two.

While this was happening, Brian was proving what a terrible guardian he would be. After discovering that the daycare Stewie is staying at is about as horrible and dangerous a place as possible, his intentions to shut it down are stopped when he realizes she's a hot chick. He continues to subject Stewie and the other kids in her care to the horrifically abusive environment up to the point he discovers she has a boyfriend. Then, suddenly, his righteous anger comes through and he has her arrested. Certainly not behavior to emulate or aspire to.

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