02/20/2012 03:02 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2012

'Mob Wives': Renee Calls Junior Out, Which Doesn't Make Him Happy At All (VIDEO)

Renee remains in a pretty fragile state when it comes to Junior. A lot of this came to light during a couples therapy session with him on "Mob Wives" (Sun., 8 p.m. EST on VH1). Only, the two of them utilized the time differently. Renee went into it openly and with the intention of using the environment to tell Junior how he'd made her feel.

When she brought up her liposuction, he said he'd never told her to get that. "No, no. You were unattracted to me because you said I was fatter," she said, talking about how he spent time with strippers. She even cited how he used to not want to look at her, but now said he could because she was thin. All the while she talked, he got quieter and quieter.

"Drop it," he finally told her at one point, clearly getting enraged. It wasn't clear what he was expecting to happen in couples therapy, but he clearly wasn't prepared to be made to look bad in any scenario, or air dirty laundry in front of a third party. Renee went so far as to say she was nervous now to even get into the car with him.

The therapist tried to engage the couple again, to talk about what they were hoping to accomplish at this point, but Junior said nothing and Renee said it all. "He's shut down," she explained and he was. This session was over for all intents and purposes. But at the same time, his reaction to her honesty and behavior was perhaps just what Renee needed to experience to realize that her future happiness may not include Junior after all.

"Mob Wives" continues Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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