02/20/2012 09:23 am ET

Presidents Day Brings Southeast Michigan's Best -- And Worst -- Retailer Commercials (VIDEO)

It wouldn't be a federal holiday without a quality furniture store sale, right?

Presidents Day technically celebrates George Washington's birthday (Abraham Lincoln's was Feb. 12), but for most folks it means a day off school or work. And that precious holiday leisure time means blowout sales for retailers.

We've noticed advertisers in the metro Detroit area tend to get a little period-costume happy around Presidents Day -- but would you really trust men who traveled by horseback to sell you a Chevy?

HuffPost Detroit takes a look back at wacky Presidents Day ads shilling everything from mattresses to guitar amps. The results range from the retro to the avant-garde.

Take a look and bow to the consumer pressure and go shopping, or enjoy whatever it is one does on Presidents Day!