02/20/2012 07:16 pm ET

Tom Gugliotta Ejected: Two Former Wolfpack Stars Tosses From N.C. State-Florida State Game (VIDEO)

Few will remember Florida State's win over North Carolina State on Saturday for what happened on the court. Instead, the Seminoles' 76-62 victory will probably be remembered most for the mid-game ejections of two former Wolfpack stars sitting in the stands.

Late in the second half, Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani -- who were so good in college that their jersey numbers are hanging in the rafters in the RBC Center -- were tossed from their seats behind the scorer's table by referee Karl Hess.

Shortly after the game, Corchiani tweeted about the incident.

Hess declined to comment when approached by an Associated Press reporter.

ACC Supervisor of Officials John Clougherty released a statement:

Under Rule 10, when circumstances warrant, an official has the authority to request home game management to eject fans when the behavior, in the officials' judgement, is extreme or excessive. It's unfortunate in this instance that ACC protocol of communicating directly with the home game management was not followed, and instead, a building security officer was solicited. We will re-communicate this policy with all officials to ensure proper protocol is followed.

NC State athletic director Debbie Yow told that the incident was embarrassing and said she has a report from the RBC Center and game security that indicates the two former players did nothing wrong.