02/21/2012 07:25 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2012

'Hoarders': Jan's Home Goes From Squalor To Beautiful In An Incredible Transformation (VIDEO)

Jan's home experience prior to the introduction of "Hoarders" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on A&E) into her life could optimistically be described as living in squalor. More realistically it was simply horrific and inconceivable. But what happened to that home throughout that hour was nothing short of a miracle.

Normally, when a house has reached the level of filth that Jan's has, the damage to the home is such that even cleaned up, it still looks rather horrible. That was not the case with Jan's house. It was one of the most impressive transformations any home has undertaken on the show. With such a short span of time to achieve these changes, it's rare that a mess like that can get cleaned up at all. In this case, they managed to clean everything perfectly, and then refurnish the house.

It was as if months had passed, looking at the newly furnished, brightly colored and functional house. Jan was beside herself, weeping and sobbing as she was taken from room to room in what might as well have been her new home.

"I can live again," she said finally. "I can be a person again." And she has continued to do so, taking advantage of the after care therapy to work through the grief of losing her father, and her feelings about the way her past relationship ended.

Watch new transformations -- or disappointments -- each week on "Hoarders," Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.

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