02/21/2012 04:48 am ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

Iran Would Reportedly Take Pre-Emptive Action Against Enemies, If Threatened

TEHRAN, Feb 21 (Reuters) - Iran would take pre-emptive action against its enemies if it felt its national interests were endangered, the deputy head of the Islamic Republic's armed forces was quoted by a semi-official news agency as saying on Tuesday.

"Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran's national interests, and want to decide to do that, we will act without waiting for their actions," Mohammad Hejazi told Fars news agency.

Iran is facing growing international pressure and isolation over its disputed nuclear activity. Expanded Western sanctions aim to block its economically vital oil exports and Tehran has said it could retaliate by shutting the Strait of Hormuz shipping lane vital to global energy supplies. (Reporting by Parisa Hafezi; Editing by Mark Heinrich)