02/21/2012 02:46 pm ET

Jessie J 2012 Brit Awards Dress: Now That's What We Call Sheer (PHOTOS)

Did Jessie J piece together her Brit Awards dress from discounted Valentine's Day decorations?

The singer strutted down the red carpet on Tuesday night wearing this matching gown, which must be setting a new record for square footage of sheer fabric, paired with a frizzy 'do and severe makeup.

And thanks to the, uh, ethereal properties of the frock, we know her underwear and bra match the red carpet, too.

We're not surprised that Jessie kept the same, uh, silhouette as the dress she wore to the nominations announcement (wild getups are kind of her thing). But still, did a stylist approve this one?

Because while it looks vaguely like Halle Berry's famous 2002 Oscars dress, the only award we think this dress should get is Worst Way To Repurpose Valentine's Day Supermarket Decor Ever.

See for yourself and tell us if you disagree!