02/21/2012 03:46 pm ET

MTA Second Avenue Subway Construction May Prompt Nightly Visits

The MTA has been occupied with quelling the fears of residents living near the Second Avenue subway site over complaints regarding the site's perpetual dust tornados and skunk-like odors since the project's inception.

Now the agency is concerned with complaints from sleep deprived neighbors who are condemning the site's raucous construction and is considering the implementation of nightly visits to see what they can do about East 72nd residents getting the sleep they need.

MTA spokesman Eric Ortiz discussed the possibility, "Engineers offered to visit a sample of apartments to assess the noise in order to evaluate the residents' experience with respect to a potential mitigation strategy.

The well-intentioned, but rather bizarre plan will bring MTA officials into homes after 10PM when the incessant drilling and blasting takes place.

While the potential tactic gets mulled over, some Upper East Siders are wondering what all the fuss is about. The New York Times talked to some neighbors who are willing to ignore the obvious downfalls of noise and dust in exchange for cheap neighborhood rents.

One resident boasted her $1,450 per month studio (normally priced at $1,850) and even said "I would stay here forever if I could."

Real estate appraiser John Miller explained, "This is an opportunity, especially for people who maybe don’t have a family yet and aren’t in the apartment that much. If you work a little late, then go out to the bar and bend an elbow. When you come home, you might not hear anything.”

Either way, it'll be at least five years till construction workers leave Second Avenue and trains actually start running.

Check out photos from the completed first phase of the line below: