02/21/2012 10:48 am ET

Newt Gingrich Ad Targets Latinos In Arizona

The Gingrich campaign came out Friday with a new ad targeting Latino voters ahead of the primary there later this month. The ad features four Hispanic men and women talking about why they support Gingrich, touching on the economy, immigration and the housing crisis.

"We owe Barack Obama nothing," a man says in the ad. "Many of our people have lost their jobs, others have lost their homes. And immigration is a bigger mess than ever."

A woman says people need Gingrich because "he knows us, understands us, and shares our conservative values."

In a press release, the campaign said Gingrich "has received unwavering support from the Hispanic community because of decades of outreach since he was Speaker of the House," citing his work with Latino members of Congress, two books in Spanish and a Spanish-language campaign website. His campaign ran a Spanish-language Twitter account, but it has been taken down. (It leaves out that Gingrich wants English-only schools, ballots and other government interactions.)

"Few people understand the true Hispanic market like Newt does," Lionel Sosa, a senior campaign advisor said in the press release. "He gets Latinos and understands the diversity in language, age, and culture. Yet, one thing is very clear to Newt: Latinos are people of values. They are Americans who strongly believe in family, in religion, in hard work, and in right to life."



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