02/21/2012 12:58 pm ET

Postal Service Loses Woman's Urn In North Denver Sorting Facility

A Colorado daughter is stunned after returning home from a funeral to discover her mother's remains are stuck in USPS limbo.

9News reports Lynn Young of Aurora mailed an urn with her mother's ashes from Sun City, Arizona, on January 28th. On January 31, the United States Postal Service tracked the remains to a North Denver sorting facility, where the package disappeared.

A USPS spokesman reached for comment by the Associated Press says they are doing everything possible to locate the missing package. Cremated remains are supposed to be sent via registered mail to decrease the chance of misplacement in the bulk delivery system.

According to the Funeral Ethics Organization, neither FedEx nor UPS will ship remains. While urns can be taken on an airplane as a carry-on, TSA will not clear them through security if they are metal, ceramic, or stone.