02/21/2012 04:55 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2012

Gov. Rick Snyder 'Deactivates' Jack Martin, Emergency Manager Of Highland Park Schools

Highland Park Schools Emergency Manager Jack Martin will be walking away from his position heading the district -- at least for the time being.

Gov. Rick Snyder has "deactivated" Martin, in order to comply with a court ruling, Michigan Radio reports.

Ingham County Circuit Court Chief Judge William Collette found Feb. 15 that the state-appointed financial review board that recommended an emergency manager for the district to be "null and void" because its private meetings violated Michigan's Open Meetings Act.

Until Snyder's decision Tuesday, Martin continued to show up for work last week, in spite of the ruling.

Though the state had previously opposed Collette's ruling, Snyder said Tuesday he would honor the judge's decision, MLive reports.

"It is only prudent to assume our emergency manager is not effective at this time," said Snyder.

The governor said the Highland Park Schools financial review team would hold an open public meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Snyder will also ask the state legislature to pass emergency measures by the week's end to allow Highland Park students to switch to another district or to a charter school, Michigan Radio reports.

In the meantime, the Treasury office said in a release the state would seek an operating agreement for the district with another school system or charter operator.

Highland Park Schools ran out of cash earlier this year and was making payroll and operating costs with a loan from the state.

The status of Detroit's financial review team, which also fell under the purview of Collette's ruling, remains unclear. The body began meeting to examine the city's finances in January.