02/21/2012 03:15 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2012

Swedish Hospital Places Ad Seeking 'Hot' Nurses

A nursing degree and relevant work experience might not be enough to land a job at this Swedish hospital, as it seems the management at Stockholm South General (Sodersjukhuset) are looking to hire their own nurse "McDreamy."

The hospital recently ran an ad campaign soliciting applicants with "TV-series hot" looks and a sense of humor to apply for a summer position in the emergency department, Swedish newspaper The Local reports.

But hospital officials say the description was merely a way of generating buzz about the job.

"Everybody else writes 'Summer Substitutes wanted'. We wanted a more catchy title," Mats Glaser, chief nurse, told the Nursing Association's Journal of Health Focus, according to Stockholm News.

So far, the ad has reportedly been well-received.

"We think that people understand that it was written to catch people’s attention, there's been no negative feedback,” Nursing Manager Jorgen Andersson told The Local.

Still, the hospital has added a statement on its website to clarify the advertisement.

"We hope we piqued your curiosity and you want to come and meet us, so we can tell you more about your future as a nurse," the statement says, according to the London Free Press.

Andersson told The Local that the hospital is ultimately seeking a qualified candidate and the right person will be hired for the position, regardless of his or her looks.