02/21/2012 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'This Is My Home': The Railroad Apartment Mistaken For A Vintage Shop (VIDEO)

Home can be a cookie cutter ranch-style house in the suburbs, or it can be a railroad apartment in Manhattan stuffed full of collectives and antiques often mistaken for a vintage shop. The latter is the case for the adorable elderly man featured in Departure | Arrival Films' short film "This Is My Home."

The short vignette features an unnamed man in a newsboy cap talking about how his home is a 32-year collection in the making; from photographs of his cat to neon signs. The man's slow, methodical speech, expressive eyebrows and sincere eyes accent his storytelling as he details the history of his collection.

"A lot of senior citizens feel that they've been discarded," he explains. "But when people stop in front of my place, they bring life to me because they're recognizing me in a sense."

Watch "This Is My Home:"

This Is My Home from Mark on Vimeo.