02/21/2012 05:24 pm ET

'Toddlers And Tiaras': Teens React To Popular TLC Series (WATCH)

They wear makeup and high heels; they like to strut their stuff and often have quite the attitude. Yes, we're talking about the itty-bitty beauty queens on the TLC hit series Toddlers & Tiaras. We've all seen Toddlers, and the general reaction is to be both amused and concerned. In the latest installment of the "Teens React" series, a group of students responds to the popular TLC show. And more than a couple of jaws drop.

"There is something wrong with this," one male viewers says, while another teen comments on a young beauty queen's outfit: "My mom wouldn't even let me wear that now!" Check out the above video to see teens weigh in on the little girls, the crazy outfits, and the even crazier mothers.

In other hilarious "Teens React" videos, outspoken young movie-goers share their thoughts on the Twilight saga (Go Team Jacob!), and give their two cents on Rick Perry's anti-gay marriage campaign ad.

What are your thoughts in Toddlers & Tiaras -- is the show harmlessly amusing, or truly upsetting? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!