02/23/2012 03:55 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2012

Black History Month: 11 Children's Books That Celebrate It...In February And Beyond

While 2012's leap year status makes for a longer than usual Black History month, 29 days still isn't enough time to explore the wide range of black stories that exist. Children’s literacy organization, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), seems set on giving it a try, however, releasing its annual multicultural book collection this month, a showcase of authors and characters from a diverse cross section of black life.

According to RIF, 67 percent of White children and 60 percent of Asian students were read to every day by a family member, while only 37 percent of Hispanic children and 35 percent of Black children were read to every day.

From a vibrant young jockey to a charitable young poet, RIF's books aim to expand cultural knowledge, while lessening the literacy gap. The list also includes accompanying activities for young readers, such as building a collage or drawing a map of locations featured in the book.

The list, selected by RIF’s Literature Advisory Board, includes these 11 African-American tales.