02/22/2012 04:58 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

Adele Middle Finger: Sharon Osbourne, Former Host Of Brit Awards, Blames ITV (VIDEO)

Tuesday night at the Brit Awards, singing sensation Adele flipped the middle finger after host James Corden cut her off in the middle of her acceptance speech for British album of the year. Wednesday on "The Talk," (weekdays on CBS) Sharon Osbourne, who hosted the Brit Awards ceremony in 2008, provided some context on the incident.

Instead of the more traditional awards show play-off music, the Brit Awards tasks the host with letting winners know when their speeches have run over time, Osbourne explained. "I hosted that show about four years ago, and you've got three different producers in your ear ... They send you up there and say, 'Whatever you do, get the mic, tell them to stop, that's it.' ... So I understand her frustration ... When I hosted it, they didn't tell the artists, because they didn't want to say who's won, so they don't prep them."

Osbourne had some harsh words for ITV, the network who televised the ceremony. "It's the network. They don't care. They're English. They've got a stick up their bum," she quipped. "If it had been me, I would have said, 'You tell her, I am not telling her."

Even this year's host Corden seemed to share Osbourne's sentiments. In an interview with ITV2 after the show, he said, "I don't understand quite why I was made to [cut her short]... I was having the best night of my life and then I had to cut Adele off before she's even had a chance to say, 'Thank you.' She's the biggest star in the world. I don't understand what happened, but I'm upset about it."

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