02/22/2012 10:12 am ET

Alabama Face Guy Jack Blankenship Stops By 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' To Talk Basketball (VIDEO)

Jack Blankenship, a freshman at the University of Alabama, was a guest on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday, but it wasn't to talk school or TV. Blankenship has made a name for himself in less than a month just for being a superfan of his college basketball team. His M.O.? Making a goofy face that he perfected with his friends while holding up a huge poster of said goofy face at home games.

We're not sure if the tactic actually distracts players from making their shots, but it certainly caught the attention of Birmingham News cameras as well as ESPN-2 during a Feb. 4 game against Ole Miss, and once photos of him at a Valentine's Day game against Florida hit the Internet he was a viral sensation.

The excitement only built when Blankenship was spotted at Monday's Knicks game in a Jeremy Lin jersey, and it turns out he was in town to appear on "Late Night."

Watch him talk about the origins of the face in the video above, and keep your eyes peeled for him at a sports event near you. You never know when a photobomber is in your midst.