Arrested 40 Times: Stephen Brewster Jailed Again In Sarasota, Florida (SLIDESHOW)

Lil' Wayne and Snoop Dogg combined couldn't put together a rap sheet longer than this perp's.

Florida man Stephen Brewster, 32, was collared Tuesday on a car burglary charge -- his 40th arrest in Sarasota County, according to a police press release.

His rap sheet includes charges of fraud, criminal mischief, grand theft, petty larceny, robbery, loitering, stealing credit cards, and plenty more, WTSP reported.

"He's been through the judicial system [so much], he probably knows it better than I do," Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight told the station.

Check out the many mugshots of Stephen Brewster below.

It's yet unclear how long Brewster's 40th stay in jail will be -- he was denied bail at the county jail due to nine counts of probation violation, according to the Herald-Tribune.

It's a frustrating problem for the sheriff, who regularly has to process Brewster -- and spend county money.

"If anybody out there has the answers, we would love to have it," Knight told WTSP. "Because we're frustrated too, with arresting the same people over and over and over again."

The Florida State Attorney's Office told WTSP that it will seek prison time due to the probation violations.

Meanwhile, The Gainesville Sun reports that another Floridian, Lisa Riley, was picked up for her 41st arrest on Sunday -- though not all of them were in the same county. She's served four state prison terms since 1988.