02/22/2012 10:22 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Day Of Dialogue: Focus On The Family Releases Clip Promoting 'Expression Of Biblical Viewpoints' In Schools (VIDEO)

Focus On The Family, the evangelical Christian organization known for its conservative stance on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, is promoting its controversial "Day of Dialogue" with a new video.

The clip's YouTube description notes it was produced by high school students Colin and Katie to promote the Day of Dialogue, which takes place on April 19 and "is designed to equip students to express their Biblical viewpoint in a loving and Christ-centered way -- especially when sensitive issues, like bullying and sexual identity, are addressed in their schools."

A closer look at the event's website reveals some interesting LGBT rhetoric. A section called "Responding to Challenges," for example, lists responses participants should make if an LGBT person claims they were "born that way."

"You can assure the person that you are listening to them, you hear what they are saying and you believe them when they say they have always felt this way," the site suggests. "But the fact is that nobody knows how same-sex attractions develop -- it appears to be a combination of factors (from biology to individual temperament to culture to environment). There is no proof that it is purely genetic."

On bullying: "Explain that you agree with them that bullying needs to stop and students need to all stand against it. But that when it comes to beliefs about sexuality and relationships, you turn to the Bible and your relationship for God for specific guidance. And you’d like the opportunity to have a conversation about that."

On whether homosexuality is wrong: "Politely explain that you want to be honest and open about the fact that you’re a Christian and you believe that what the Bible says about sexuality -- that it should be reserved for a man-woman marriage relationship -- is the best and most loving plan for individuals, children and society as a whole."