02/22/2012 03:32 pm ET

Are You Lover-Woman, Mother-Woman Or Neuter?

Ever wondered what Cosmopolitan's relationship advice was like in 1922?

Nestled amongst short stories with names like 'His Children�s Children' and 'Broken Barriers' in the July issue we've found a revealing article penned by Elinor Glyn, the influential pioneer of mass-market women's erotic fiction, and inventor of the concept of the 'It' girl. Her face floats gimlit-eyed above the title: 'How to Keep Men in Their Place.'

How indeed! Well, Glyn argues that the first step to learning how to keep men in their place is finding out yours, and, according to Glyn, all women fall into three categories: the Lover-woman, Mother-woman, or Neuter-woman.

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