02/22/2012 04:23 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

WFLA-TV Live Report Interrupted By Car Crash (VIDEO)

Local television station WFLA's report on gas prices was taken to a new level on Wednesday, when two cars collided and spun out of control during a live shot.

WFLA-TV's Adrienne Pedersen was reporting live in front of a gas station when the two cars crashed. Though it was audible to viewers, Pedersen seemed to have no idea what had just happened.

A stunned Gayle Guyardo who anchored the program in WFLA's studio reacted to the crash. "Spun out right behind you, did you see that Adrienne?" Guyardo noted that those involved in the crash seemed to be ok and were getting out of the car. She later joked that the drivers were probably stunned "by the gas prices."

(H/T TVSpy)