02/23/2012 12:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York For Sale: State Properties, Coney Island Planks, And NYPD-Seized Items Up For Grabs

Governor Cuomo may have stressed the need to stimulate New York's sluggish economy, but are legislators in such dire need of cashflow to start selling off the state's old office supplies?

At a press conference on Wednesday, Cuomo announced that a website will soon be in place for New Yorkers to purchase state property items in a strategy that aims to "reduce operating costs and cut back on excess spending and inventory.” Staplers, post-its, even heavy-duty highway equipment!

While you await the start of Cuomo's crafty fire sale, check out a similar site that may have inspired the governor, where NYPD-seized belongings are put up for auction. Bargain hunters can browse through the site's categories which include electronics, jewelry, and even fine art.

The NYPD is apparently just one of the 2,700 municipal agencies across the country that have contracts with Property Room, the nifty website created by Tom Lane.

Don't want to shell out for New York state? Reap the benefits of a Craigslist ad giving away Coney Island's iconic wooden planks for free (photo below)! Either way, it's looking very much like New York is yours for the buying.

And until Cuomo's site gets oiled up, browse through our favorite NYPD-seized goods: