02/22/2012 05:45 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

'Shame' 'Den Of Sin': Fliers Warn Moviegoers About South Carolina Theater Showing Michael Fassbender Indie (VIDEO)

An NC-17 rating is often the kiss of death for a movie, but one South Carolina theater is seeing boffo business for "Shame" after fliers that condemn the film started popping up around town. The fliers dub the Nickelodeon theater a "den of shame" and caution people not to see the movie, which features ample sex scenes and full-frontal nudity from lead Michael Fassbender. The 75-seat art-house theater (no relation to the kid-friendly network) has seen business go up since the flier controversy.

Two locals interviewed by WLTX Channel 19 admitted the negative ad, which warns that the film will "offend your sensibilities," only made them want to see the movie more. Since the flier lists the exact address and dates the film is playing and is posted right outside the "den of sin" in question, could it be the Nickelodeon itself is behind the campaign? See the video above and decide for yourself.

[via Movieline]