02/22/2012 06:13 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2012

World's Largest Rope Swing (VIDEO)

If heights aren't your thing, than this epic freefall YouTube video is probably not for you.

Devin Graham has created what he calls the world's largest rope swing, which boasts a whopping 130 foot drop, the Sun reports.

Shot over two days in Bootlegger Canyon, Moab Utah, the video features Graham's friends flying through the air, secured only by rock climbing ropes. Some of them don't even wear a helmet.

After investing a couple of hours in the set up of the ropes, the swingers swoop under the Corona Arch, to which the swing is connected by five different anchors.

Since the video hit the web last Wednesday, more than 5 million people have watched it.

In addition, Graham produced a behind the scenes video.

Of course, Graham doesn't just take frightfully amazing shots from dangerous heights.

According to CBS, other videos of his include Christmas Puppies and Smashing Pumpkins.