02/23/2012 05:03 pm ET

7 Potential First-Time Hosts That Could Enliven ‘Saturday Night Live'

There's no point, obviously, in getting into the merits of "Saturday Night Live." We know what it is: It's inconsistent and reviled, but a lot of us continue to watch it out of habit, or because every once in a while it will show flashes of brilliance. It's also occasionally fun to see actors we admire in a different context. Sure, the writers have managed to waste a lot of potential over the years, but every great once in a while, "Saturday Night Live" can help to reshape someone's career (Jon Hamm), bring out a sense of humor we didn't know existed (Peyton Manning), show amazing dancing talent we weren't aware of (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), or demonstrate the true potential of an already huge celebrity (Justin Timberlake). Many of us watch each week because, while we're often left bitterly disappointed, every once in a while, the show will surprise us. Somehow, that makes the suffering worth it.