02/23/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alleged iPhone Bug Could Allow Strangers To Access Your Contacts -- Sort Of

An alleged bug in Apple's iOS 5.0.1 software could allow tech-savvy strangers to bypass your iPhone's security and access your contacts, reported The Verge.

But don't get too freaked out just yet -- the "glitch" is tough to pull off.

The reported issue seems to have been highlighted by Safwan Saba, a friend of the iPhoneIslam team, and, according to iPhoneIslam, works with any iPhone. A video demonstrating how to go about bypassing an iPhone's security settings was posted on the group's YouTube channel on February 19.

While it's possible, unlocking an iPhone and tapping into the contacts without a passcode appears to be quite an involved and arduous process.

For starters, you would need direct access to the iPhone you wished to unlock. The task would also require a small tool, like a paperclip, that would enable you to repeatedly eject and re-insert the phone's SIM card. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a missed call notification must be on the home screen -- a feat that can easily be accomplished if you happen to have the victim's phone number.

According to MSNBC's Technolog, the glitch is possible because of an iPhone feature that allows you to automatically dial a missed call with the swipe of a finger from a locked home screen. Performing this action just as the phone is recognizing the SIM card and reconnecting to the network will provide direct access to a person's contacts, allowing any smart snoop to make calls, listen to voicemails, or send text or email messages. But, as evidenced by the video, it will probably take many tries -- the swipe must be timed perfectly.

Apple has yet to comment on this latest alleged iOS bug, though it has commented on other bugs in the past. But perhaps the reported glitch will be magically fixed with the upcoming release of iOS 5.1.

Check out the iPhone hack in the following video, and tell us: Do you think this is something to worry about? Or too tricky to be troublesome?