02/23/2012 06:47 pm ET

Jennifer Aniston On 'Conan': Star Talks 'Walk Of Shame' On Hollywood Boulevard (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston brought up a good point on Conan O'Brien's show Tuesday night. Shouldn't Hollywood Boulevard's "Walk of Fame" be known as the "Walk of Shame"?

The actress was dishing about the process of getting her very own star on Vine Street earlier that day and observed, "That shouldn't be called a walk of fame. It should be sort of a walk of shame."

Her reasoning: "How often are you on all fours on Hollywood Boulevard, and it's ok?"

Conan quipped, "Let's not get into it."

Jen also admitted her greatest fear: being in an open, uncontrolled space among us regular folk. "I was lucky that a water balloon didn't come flying at me," said the star. "That's always like your great fear... Anything could happen when you're out there..." she trailed off.

Jen and Conan laughed it off, but we think there's truth in jest. Just remember: the next time you see celebrities on the street, know that they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Photos by the Associated Press.