02/23/2012 10:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kanye West 'Say You Will' Freestyle: Rapper Recounts Unsuccessful Seduction During Melbourne Concert

Going to a live show and hearing songs you already know be performed is great, but going to a live show and hearing songs you know be paired up with a 7 minute long freestyle about an unsuccessful seduction is even better.

At his concert in Melbourne, Australia, Kanye West returned to form by doing just that -- taking his fans down a romantic journey that ended in disappointment. West recounts contacting one of his ex lovers late at night, asking her to come over and being led to believe she was going to take him up on the offer, only to be ultimately denied.

West gets a great deal of flack for going off the script like this, but it certainly makes for an honest, entertaining experience for the viewer. At the Madison Square Garden shows of his Watch The Throne tour with Jay-Z, West freestyled at the end of "Runaway," reminding those in the audiences, "if you love someone tonight / hold on to them tight" and berating himself over his mismanagement of prior relationships.

Our favorite moments in this performance include when his ex tells him she'll come over as soon as her favorite Pitbull song is played at the club and when he reminds her that by leaving the door open for her, he could have been robbed because "New York City is dangerous."

Watch the video below and then read a transcript of the most memorable moments. (Caution: Graphic Language).

Selected lyrics from the freestyle:

"12:35 saying that you ain't get the text

And that you're on your way, well okay, okay

Now it's 1:15 and baby you got to be playin',

Where you, are you coming are you still coming through?

She said she's at the club with her girl and it's her girl birthday and she's keeping her longer

And [she said] you know how that goes and she want to see me so bad and

She's leaving in about 15 minutes after this one favorite Pitbull song goes off or some s***t like that


And I can't understand, holding the white wine
Blackberry in my hand, looking at the time
Seven AM, I can't believe this is me through this again

I left the door cracked open, New York City is dangerous,
I could have been robbed, I could have been robbed!


And my friends say, what the f**k is wrong with him?"
'Cause there ain't no sex like an ex, ain't no sex like an ex