02/23/2012 02:28 pm ET

Karmin's Nick Noonan Talks 'Saturday Night Live' Performance, Meeting Steven Spielberg

Just last year, Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan's only claim to fame was an awesome Chris Brown YouTube cover. Now, they've released an original album, performed on "Saturday Night Live," and met Steven Spielberg.

"At the very end of night, we went to say 'thank you' to to Lorne Michaels," Noonan told MTV. "We just wanted to shake his hand really quick, get out of his hair, and somebody from his table was trying to shake our hand. It was Spielberg. And he was like, 'Wow, you guys were incredible. That was fantastic. My favorite song was the second song.' It was pretty ridiculous."

As for the pop duo's album "Broken Hearted," which hit stores on February 7, Heidemann takes pride in how catchy it is. "It has those pop melodies, and tons of rap in the verses and the bridge... lots of catchy things," she said last month. "Things you won't be able to get of your head."

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