02/24/2012 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Lovesody": A Stunning Portrait Of Intimacy By Motoyuki Daifu (PHOTOS)

Photographer Motoyuki Daifu fell in love with a young pregnant woman. For six months he photographed her as a mother and lover... Then they broke up.

The resulting collection, "Lovesody," is one of the more powerful contemporary photography works because there is no catch, no clever message. In an interview with VICE, Daifu said, "In my mind, the words 'Love' and 'Rhapsody' combined means: a free form of love."

The collection captures true intimacy, and all the clutter and all the light that comes along with it. The viewer is privy to the private after-hours of family life, from dirty dishes to bathing children. Yet the photographs don't feel voyeuristic; they aren't dark or edgy. They trust you to navigate the most personal spaces of this family's life, and hopefully the viewer feels an obligation to live up to that trust.

You can see the struggles a young parent faces: the mess, the exhaustion, the overflow of Disney paraphernalia... And yet every image floats weightlessly, creating a love song.

Exhibition curator Nick Haymes commented: "At once, he is the amorous admirer grasping his lover’s face in playful lust, the protective father, and also the progeny who demands attention and satisfaction." The collection is bit like if Juergen Teller inserted images into your grandmother's photo album, and it makes us warm and fuzzy all over.

"Lovesody" will show at Lombard Freid Projects until March 3.

See images from the exhibition below: