02/23/2012 04:31 am ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

'Are You There, Chelsea?': Mario Lopez Surprises Dee Dee At The Worst Possible Time (VIDEO)

Chelsea may love Dee Dee just the way she is, but apparently Dee Dee doesn't feel exactly the same way on "Are You There, Chelsea?" (Wed., 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC). In fact, while her new roommates may have brought new friendships into her life, they also are bringing new stresses. And dealing with stress, and expressing her emotions, are two things Dee Dee isn't great at handling.

So when Chelsea blabbed her carefully held secret that she has a pillow named Mario Lopez, Dee Dee didn't know what to do with her anger. Chelsea attempted to get her to express it through a pillow fight, but instead wound up injuring Dee Dee, only making matters worse. But still Dee Dee smiled through it.

But then Chelsea came up with a fool-proof plan to get Dee Dee angry. She used a connection through Rick down at the bar to get Mario Lopez to come up and surprise Dee Dee in the apartment. This after Dee Dee started breaking out with hives and exhibiting a strange eye twitch.

"Chelsea, did you do this? Did you have Mario Lopez come here on the day I look the worst I've ever looked in my entire life?" she asked incredulously. The final straw came when Lopez revealed that he also knew about the pillow. At this, she pushed him out of the apartment and finally got that and several other grievances against both Chelsea and Olivia off of her chest. It was just what she needed.

Catch "Are You There, Chelsea?" every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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