02/23/2012 04:58 pm ET

Note From NBA Star Kevin Durant Found In Bathroom At University Of Texas At Austin

A graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin appears to have found a handwritten note from the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant.

How it ended up on the floor of a men's bathroom in an administrative building remains a mystery.

The student tells Deadspin that the bathrooms are cleaned regularly, so it couldn't have been there long.

Durant did attend and play for the University of Texas, and he reportedly visited with Texas basketball coach Rick Barnes' hotel on Feb. 13.

The last time Durant had a game in Texas was against the Houston Rockets on Feb. 15.

To Deadspin, it seems that it is legitimately written by Durant, considering how similar the signatures are.

The letter reads:

I'm happy you recognized me on campus, haha.

Take Care and Enjoy Life! Hook Em

Kevin Durant
OKC Thunder
UT Longhorns