02/23/2012 02:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Randy Bertisch Survives Horrific Crash, Starts My Challenged Gym America For Youth With Disabilities

After a dump truck blindsided his car in a horrific crash, doctors gave Randy Bertisch less than a 1 percent chance of surviving. Twenty-four years later, the former actor speaks with an impediment and is confined to a wheelchair, but he is very much thriving.

He's also making sure that other people living with disabilities have the same chance too.

"I wouldn't die, in this big accident," Bertisch said in "Randy's Story," a short film featured on HooplaHa. "I wouldn't just roll over in a coma and just be there. I couldn't die."

Bertisch has committed his life to serving as an example of how to feel empowered, despite living with a disability.

To help complete his mission, the 47-year-old started the nonprofit Challenged America, which eventually evolved into My Gym Challenged America, an organization that offers state-of-the-art fitness classes for young people with physical and mental disabilities, to help improve their health and confidence.

The organization has made such an impact worldwide, that he's nabbed the attention of Bill Cosby with whom he's teaming up to produce a documentary.

"I know that I will better myself while bettering our world," Bertisch said. "I believe by putting out positive energy, you're gonna get some positive stuff back. It's gotta be that way."

Feeling inspired, learn how you can get involved with My Gym Challenged America here.

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