02/23/2012 06:47 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2012

Salma Hayek: Spokesperson For New 'Got Milk' Campaign, 'The Breakfast Project' (VIDEO)

Salma Hayek is the latest celebrity to join the 'got milk' mustache club. But unlike her predecessors, the bilingual actress will also serve as the spokesperson for a new campaign, The New York Times reports.

The Milk Processor Education Program, which funds the National Milk Mustache 'got milk?' campaign, is poised to announce its newest promotion, The Breakfast Project, on Friday.

Whereas past campaigns were directed toward certain demographic groups, The Breakfast Project will reach out to people of all ages nationwide. The main focus of the multimedia initiative will be to promote the health benefits of drinking milk and encourage people to drink a glass in the morning.

But with many Americans skipping breakfast in the morning, The Breakfast Project will also contain an underlying motive: to encourage people to make their first meal of the day a healthy one.

"There's lots of people who think breakfast is important, but lots of people who skip breakfast or don’t eat it regularly," chief executive Vivien Godfrey told the Times.

Promotions are set to appear in print, online and on television, so look out for upcoming ads featuring Hayek.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that the Milk Processor Education Program is a federally funded group that birthed the ‘got milk’ promotion.