02/23/2012 09:08 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Studio Tour: Beantown Handmade, Where A Dog Models Sweaters (VIDEO)

Anne Burton founded the dog clothing company Beantown Handmade almost by accident. One day, she knit a sweater for Bean (her adorable Boston terrier) to keep him warm during a harsh Nebraska winter. And suddenly...a model (and a pet clothing business) was born.

"It is an odd thing to have a creative collaboration with a dog," says Anne. But not so odd to Bean, who is always poised and ready for the camera. (Our favorite is a photo of Bean dressed up as Godzilla in a green cap.) From impractical clothing pieces like top hats to more functional hoodies and sweaters, Anne's snug knitwear has expanded over the past four years to include adorable cat clothes as well now.

But we're most impressed by Bean, who is simply so photogenic and cute. And Anne agrees that probably not all dogs are "as acclimated to hat wearing as Bean might be." That's for sure, we'll say.