02/23/2012 12:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'This Is My Home': Inside Anthony Pisano's Enchanting East Village Antique Shop Apartment (VIDEO)

One warm night in Manhattan, filmmakers Kelsey Holtaway and Mark Cersosimo mistook an old man's apartment near Tompkins Square for an antique shop:

"As we began to walk in, a man sitting out front warned us that we were welcome to explore, but nothing inside was for sale. Our interests piqued, we began to browse through the collections the man out front had built throughout his life. This is a story of a man and his home."

The resulting film is a short, sweet tour of Anthony Pisano's apartment, filled to the brim with photos and curious bric-a-brac. Pisano is happy to show off the space, in fact, it's what brings him his greatest joy.

"A lot of senior citizens feel that they've been discarded," he says, "but when people stop in front of my place, they bring life to me because they're recognizing me in a sense."

Pisano then speaks to the importance of talking to people, and reminisces about the time his apartment saved the relationship of an arguing couple.

And so, if the video charms you the way it charmed us, go on down to Tompkins Square Park and bring some life to Anthony. The weather's just warm enough that he might be outside.


This Is My Home from Mark on Vimeo.