02/23/2012 05:10 pm ET

Tyra Banks Graduates From Harvard Business School (PHOTOS)

Get ready, world: Tyra Banks now has her business school diploma.

The mogul and "America's Next Top Model" host posted a bunch of photos to her Twitter today announcing her big graduation from Harvard Business School's Executive Education program; she officially matriculated on February 17.

Tyra's diploma will now prove her an alumna of the two-week owner/president/management program, tuition for which is $31,000. She originally enrolled last February, but we're assuming her packed schedule forced her to stretch her coursework over a longer time frame.

That, or Tyra was much too fierce to take Harvard in only two weeks.

Banks, who once mused that Harvard is "hard on purpose", told Dealbreaker that all of her arduous studying helped her in numerous ways -- including giving her insight into Lady Gaga's career:

I also look at what Lady Gaga is doing and think it’s near-genius. Had I not gone to Harvard, I’m not sure I would have seen it as a marketing play. I would have just said, “Oh, she’s popular.” Now I see how smart she is. It’s a true, clear, executed plan.

But Tyra's done more than just cram for tests at HBS. She became a New York Times best-selling author, split from one boyfriend and found another, and performed in a one-woman short film/ad, uh, thing.

We're sure Tyra's at least glad she can finally ditch those dorms. But what will she do next? We hear she's headed to New Haven to found the Yale School Of Smizing.